Hi I'm Brandon

An Alaska based outdoor photographer

When I was 17 I started taking photos so I would never forget the moments, people, and places most precious to me. I quickly found that holding a camera in my hand and capturing the scenes around me gave me an entirely new perspective on the world. A perspective of wonder, creativity, and excitement. Fours years later that excitement has grown into a burning passion to create and explore. I’m blessed to be able to travel the world and meet new people, see new places, and experience many more precious moments. My job is to capture these moments. Wherever I go I look for the most unique and creative ways to engage the world around me using photography as my medium.

One day I envision using my content to create an engaging community that thrives off of supporting and teaching others. Life can be a beautiful adventure, but at times it can also be very painful and sometimes we feel as though our lives have no meaning. I want to show people that no matter what corner of the world they come from, or what they’re going through, their life is worth living, that even on our darkest days, we are surrounded by beauty. So let’s capture that beauty together and create something meaningful!



Photo / Video Editing

Graphic Design