Welcome to my Blog


Thanks for joining me boss.

To kick things off here on the blog I thought the best way to start would be by explaining what my plans are so you can know what to expect in the future. I wanted to create this blog as a place to share my thoughts and ideas. That includes everything in my life, not just photography. I plan to create plenty of tutorials and photography related content, but this blog will also be a place for me to store the tornado of thoughts and ideas blasting through my brain all day. Thus this blog will not be 100% tied to my business, but don’t worry I will have categories so you can just read what you’re interested in and skip through all my crazy ideas that no one else cares about, but me:D

I will be sharing many things from my travel tips and stories of the places I’ve been to fighting depression and finding meaning in ones life all the way to photography tutorials and tips and maybe even other life improvement topics like health and fitness. When things are going well in my life I’d like to write about my successes and when things aren’t going so well I want to be able to share my failures and how I am trying to deal with them, which I hope will be able to help others who are struggling as well. From photography tutorials to fighting depression this blog is a place for me to write about whats on my mind and nothing more. Who knows, maybe I’ll even write about the economy or global politics! I want to write about the things I am thinking about and do so in a way that helps others, so at least for now I’m not limiting my blog to any one idea or topic. Once my Youtube channel is up and running I’ll have more tutorials and photography related content there, but this blog is my own personnel space to write about what I’m dealing with. I want that to be clear before I start writing regularly. This is also a place for me to challenge myself as a creative and as a writer. As an artist my medium has only ever been photography and the visual arts, but this will force me to use another part of my brain to think actively and creatively as well as push me to become a better writer.

The Dream

Most importantly I’ll be detailing my efforts to become a professional photographer and videographer. It is my dream to someday be able to shoot for large well known brands like Arcteryx, Nike, Audi, tourism boards, etc. I would like to setup a business model that allows me to work with these clients while also providing me the time and money to be able to travel freely and create my own personal projects whenever and however I want. I know that it won’t work out that perfectly nor will it be easy, but it’s my dream so it can be whatever I want! And in the end, whether I fail or succeed I want to at least know I tried, and you’ll be able to follow along on this blog as I pursue this goal. I hope you’ll join me on this journey and for better or worse I’ll see you on the other side! Thanks again Boss!